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Social Responsibility

The many faces of KAEFER

When it comes to sus­tain­ab­il­ity, most com­pan­ies fo­cus on three ele­ments: the eco­nomic, so­cial and en­vir­on­mental di­men­sions. KAEFER is not like most other com­pan­ies. Which is why we have a fourth di­men­sion to fo­cus on: the cul­tural.

Why, you might ask? Be­cause in ad­di­tion to be­ing firmly com­mit­ted to the health, safety and well­being of our people and our en­vir­on­ment, we be­lieve that the cul­tural lives of those we are in­volved with are im­port­ant as well. There are over 30,000 people that work for KAEFER world­wide. Each and every one of them is as dif­fer­ent as the other. And their unique ways of think­ing, act­ing and work­ing are an as­set to our com­pany. That’s what forms the cul­ture of KAEFER.

At KAEFER Canada, we em­brace the di­versity of those we work with and this is a true re­flec­tion of the KAEFER way of think­ing and act­ing dif­fer­ently. This means creating a safe and inclusive workplace and partnering with local and Indigenous communities. 

KAEFER Team Nature Cleanup
KAEFER team participate in park and riverside clean up to celebrate World Environment Day 2021 in St. Albert, AB.

Our Indigenous Commitment

KAEFER Canada has a responsibility to work closely with Indigenous communities of Canada. We are committed to building and maintaining authentic and meaningful relationships established on trust and respect. The KAEFER Canada Indigenous Engagement Policy is our roadmap and outlines targets which hold us accountable to our commitments.  We also work to formalize our relationships, such as the KAEFER Kitsumkalum Joint Venture - a long-term strategic commitment with the Kitsumkalum community. 

KAEFER Canada Inc. is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses

Our Indigenous Engagement Policy is grounded on the following 4 commitments:


  • Indigenous Recruitment, Training & Retention: We are committed to recruiting Indigenous talent for available positions within KAEFER. We encourage and promote ongoing support and training to enhance our employees' knowledge base. We are committed to the retention of Indigenous employees by fostering a culture that recognizes and respects cultural diversity, values, and practices.
  • Indigenous Community Relations: Our relationships with Indigenous communities are grounded in respect and trust and developed through consultation and collaboration. We are committed to creating long term relations with Indigenous communities closest to where we operate (mainly Edmonton and surrounding communities, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Wood Buffalo, Kitimat and Southern B.C.)
  • Indigenous Diversity Training: We support and celebrate a diverse workforce and offer company-wide Indigenous diversity training to further the understanding of Indigenous history, culture, traditions and practices across our company. 
  • Indigenous Procurement: We are committed to working with Indigenous businesses to promote social and economic development. Whenever possible, we include qualified local Indigenous-owned businesses in our supply chain.
Indigenous Commitment Label
To help us convey our commitment, we partnered with an Indigenous owned design firm based in Western Canada, to help us design a label. We wanted a symbol that was unique and representative of the spirit of our commitment. We strove to represent traditional Indigenous artwork as respectfully as possible.


Our final solution features a simplified representation of the mountains, land, and waters of the nations incorporating the concepts of nature, growth, health, and a respect for the land. The label predominately features the turtle which represents truth and the importance of truth through knowledge, understanding and history. Many Indigenous communities refer to the North American continent as Turtle Island in their lore and traditional stories.