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Doing things the KAEFER way. Since 1918.

Carl Kaefer was a clever man. In 1918 he used peat to insulate the walls of cold storage spaces. His idea worked so well that it led to the foundation of the KAEFER Group, which has since developed into a world-wide market leader for the most reliable and efficient provider of technical services. With over 28,000 employees and operations in over 40 countries, we are a true global player - there for you all over the world. 


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KAEFER in Canada

The history of KAEFER in Canada is rich, with the roots of our Canadian business going back nearly 70 years and spanning across the country. Part of the origins of KAEFER in Canada were established in Atlantic Canada (Parker Brothers) in 1952. Acquired by the KAEFER Group in 2006, PARKER KAEFER Inc. was formed, combining the local and international expertise of two highly skilled business units and expanding the scope of services provided in Atlantic Canada. In 2015, PARKER KAEFER Inc. was amalgamated with PARKER KAEFER Western Ltd. from Alberta and changed its name to KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd. 

The roots of our business in Western Canada go back to 1976 with the establishment of Albrico, an industrial and mechanical insulation business in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Within 6 years and through continued growth and expansion to several locations in Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories, Albrico Services Ltd. (1982) was established. The company continued to grow in size and skill and was successfully completing industrial and commercial insulation jobs when it was acquired by the KAEFER Group in 2008. 

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Today, KAEFER in Canada operates through our multi-discipline business units - KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd. and KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd. With our head office in St. Albert (Edmonton), Alberta, KAEFER in Canada is strategically located and proud to serve Western Canada. 

We specialize in insulation, maintenance, surface protection, scaffolding solutions, glycol heat tracing, and passive fire protection.