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Your Multi-Discipline Partner

KAEFER Canada is a multi-discipline company with offices that are strategically located in the Western and Eastern regions.

We operate through our multi-discipline business units – KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd. and KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd.  We specialize in Insulation, Maintenance, Building Cladding, Scaffolding/Rope Access, Glycol Heat Tracing, Passive Fire Protection, Surface Protection/Specialty Coatings and Commercial applications.


A rich history of trade expertise

The acquisition of Parker Brothers from the Atlantic Coast back in 2006 marked the beginning of KAEFER’s operations in Canada as PARKER KAEFER. With a rich history dating back to 1952, the newly acquired company added to the growing KAEFER portfolio as the world’s largest provider of complete integrated services and solutions.

KAEFER continued to establish its footprint in Canada with further acquisition in the Western region that reinforced its strength as a leading international multi-disciplined contracting group.  In 2008, with its business success, combined with trade expertise in Western Canada, Albrico Services Ltd. was acquired by KAEFER Group forming ALBRICO KAEFER.

At the beginning of 2015, in line with KAEFER’s business strategy of consolidating business across Canada and to increase its competitiveness under a lean model, the Canadian companies were amalgamated to form two major divisions: KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd. and KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd.

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From humble beginnings


We have been established in Atlantic Canada since 1952, and through growth and acquisitions we became one of the region's largest multi-discipline contractors.
Acquired by the KAEFER Group in May 2006, PARKER KAEFER Inc. was formed, combining the local and international expertise of two highly skilled business units, strengthening and expanding the scope of service they provide to the Atlantic Canadian Market. We offer Insulation, Surface Protection, Scaffolding, and Passive Fire Protection services to both the industrial and commercial settings of the Manufacturing, Refining, Marine, and Oil and Gas Sectors.

In January, 2015 PARKER KAEFER was amalgamated with PARKER KAEFER Western Ltd. from Alberta and changed its name to KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd.





Company Milestones


 1952: Began as Painting contractor
 1997: Formed specialist Offshore division.  Entered the Industrial Insulation and Passive Fireproofing market.
 1998: Obtained ISO 9000 certification
 2000: Acquired Scotia Insulation and formed a Scaffolding Services Company (Plus Eight Canada Inc.)
 2004: Formed first joint venture to provide multi-discipline offshore services
 2006: Acquired by KAEFER to form PARKER KAEFER Inc.
 2007: Acquisition of Donalco Atlantic
 2015: Amalgamated with PARKER KAEFER Western Ltd. to become KAEFER Industrial Services Ltd.

Insulating Canada since 1976


The origin of KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd. goes back to 1976 when Michael (Mike) T. Mathisen (1944 - 1998) began his industrial and mechanical insulation business in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Convinced there was a great need for a service-oriented mechanical insulation company, Mike began to insulate throughout the Peace River region, together with a couple of employees. 

He established Albrico (stands for Alberta and British Columbia) in Grande Prairie and continued to grow its scope and area of work to several more locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Within six years and with the help of two new partners, the company was incorporated to become Albrico Services (1982) Ltd.

The company continued to grow in size and skill over the years. It has been successfully completing industrial and commercial insulation jobs throughout Western Canada and the North when it was acquired by the KAEFER Group in 2008 to form ALBRICO KAEFER.

A rebranding and amalgamation of KAEFER's business operations throughout Canada in 2015 resulted in the company's current name of KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd.


Company Milestones



Michael (Mike) T. Mathisen established Albrico in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
 1982: With the addition of 2 new owners, Albrico Services (1982) Ltd. was incorporated.
 1985: Aggressive growth pattern began with the addition of more skilled trade professionals. By 1986, the company moved to larger projects.
 2006: A new group of management was created.
 2008: KAEFER Group acquired Albrico Services (1982) Ltd. to form ALBRICO KAEFER.
 2015: National rebranding of KAEFER's Canadian operations resulting in a name change to KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd.