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Tech­nical Ex­cel­lence & Sup­port

Ex­cel­lence is our frame of mind.

From the heat and hu­mid­ity of the trop­ics to the dry cold of the arc­tic tun­dra, we have ex­per­i­enced the widest vari­ety of con­di­tions that can af­fect heat, cold and sound in­su­la­tion. And we’ve done that without even leav­ing our of­fices. That’s be­cause we have a range of labor­at­ory test­ing fa­cil­it­ies avail­able in house to en­sure that ma­ter­i­als are fit for the job – no mat­ter how chal­len­ging the con­di­tions may be.

In ad­di­tion to tests in our cli­mate cham­bers, we also per­form mech­an­ical, cryo­genic and acous­tic meas­ure­ments as well. And we can check for fire safety with small-scale fire tests. The pur­pose is not just to cer­tify safety and per­form­ance, but also to re­duce our cli­ents’ en­ergy con­sump­tion as well.

It does­n’t mat­ter if it’s us­ing thermal ima­ging to see the en­ergy es­cap­ing from a ship­ping ves­sel or sub­ject com­pon­ents to the most ex­treme pres­sures and tem­per­at­ures for the Air­bus A400M air­craft, KAE­FER’s Tech­nical Ex­cel­lence and Sup­port team will rise to the chal­lenge.

Thomas Heuer­mann

Thomas Heuer­mann

Corporate Operations Excellence

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Our com­pet­ences at Tech­nical Ex­cel­lence & Ser­vices

We do the designs for your needs us­ing dif­fer­ent meth­ods and sys­tems

Heat Insulation

Thermal cal­cu­la­tions

  Large scale test­ing
Cold Insulation Cryo­genic test stand
  Heat flow meas­ure­ments
Sound Insulation Meas­ure­ments
  Noise pre­dic­tion
Passive Fire Protection Sys­tem as­sess­ment
Surface Protection Clean­ing & Pre­par­a­tion
  Dam­age as­sess­ment
Special Solutions Scaf­fold­ing
  Stand­ards & Guidelines
Thermographic inspection during one of KAEFER’s Energy Audits
Thermographic inspection during one of KAEFER’s Energy Audits

What we of­fer at Tech­nical Ex­cel­lence & Ser­vices

  • Research and development
  • KAEFER solutions compilation
  • Technical bulletins and alerts
  • Technical consulting in projects
  • Materials and system testing
  • Tooling standards
  • Specification cross checking
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Quality management
  • Vocational and professional training
  • Expert networks coordination
  • Provision of international standards
  • Industrial energy auditing
KAEFER laboratoy
KAEFER laboratoy